Technical Brushes

for municipal & construction sweeping

Providing the Results You Need

Whether you keep highways clear, roads clean or parks tidy, it is a job that requires proper tools. Saja brushes release the full power of your sweeper.

Because of the excellent ratio between the unit price and the hours of use, Saja brushes will not only provide better sweeping results but also show in your bottom line.

Our flagship is the Ecoline® brush family. They are the original full plastic brushes with great wear resistance and supreme sweeping results. Our selection also includes durable steel and hybrid brushes. Using SAJA® brushes, you will spend less time ordering and installing replacement brushes.

Brush Rings

World's first full plastic brush rings take you to the next level in sweeping efficiency. SAJA's famous Ecoline™ brush rings - convoluted Beeline®, flat Sunline™ and conical Starline™ - supersede the ones with metal rings.

From here you can find also distance rings aka. spacers.

Roller Brushes

Complete range of roller brushes include welded and punched ones. With our Ecoline™ version for truck mounted sweepers - Uniline™ - you can have the benefits of our superior Beeline® brush ring system.

Channel Brushes

Also known as side brushes or gutter brooms. Full range of traditional channel brushes is completed with our unique Ecoline™ version - Turboline® system for quick replacement.

From here you can also find spare tufts and assebly plates.

Strip Brushes

For sweeping, for insulation, we have them all. Wood-backed, steel-backed and of course our full plastic Ecoline™ version - Omniline™ - with steel C-profile for fixing.



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