Research and Design

Under conditions of sustainable development

Pioneer of brush making

Innovation and active product development have been characteristic to us throughout our history. As a brush manufacturer wre are profiled as the industry leader in the field throughout the world. The development of new, groundbreaking products has also meant the development of our own production methods, and we have thus acted as a pioneer for the whole industry. Because all our operations are based on supporting our customers' work, our products have developed the municipal and airfield sweeping as well as oil spill response sector towards more sustainable development and a cleaner future.

SAJA® Innovations

Intellectual Properties

Our strong and decisive product development work is reflected in dozens of our national and international patents and design protections for our products and production methods. We have also protected the trademarks of our products. To protect and manage our intellectual property rights, we have developed a comprehensive and determined IPR strategy. Governance also includes monitoring our rights and, if necessary, dealing with abuses, for which we have an international network of experts.

Environmental perspective in research and development

In addition to the traditional criteria of product development, we have also taken environmental aspects into account. In recent years, we have participated in several research and development projects that have an impact on the environment. Our role has been to give our research know-how as a manufacturer of fiber and technical brushes. Our goal is to find more environmentally friendly materials and develop brush solutions that further support sustainable development. Partners in joint projects include: Institute of Biotechnology, University of Helsinki, Department of Materials Engineering at Tampere University of Technology, VTT Technical Research Center of Finland, SYKE Finnish Environment Institute and WWF Finland.

Recognition for the work

In 2005, the City of Tampere awarded engineer Kimmo Sajakorpi with the award of Technical Creativity for his technical creativity in the development of brush products.

In the same year, the Tampere Junior Chamber of Commerce awarded the Sajas Group with an honorable mention in the Productive Idea competition.

Federation of Finnish Enterprices of Ylöjärvi also selected Kimmo Sajakorpi as the Entrepreneur of the Year.

In 2007, the Tampere Junior Chamber of Commerce awarded Sajakorpi Oy with the Environmental Award for recognition of the innovativeness of its product design.