Tufted Steel Wire Cassette

The profile on SAJA® tufted brush cassette is filled with bundles of galvanized steel wire. Sturdy construction ensures peak performance in the maintenance of runways, taxiways and other paved areas – no matter if there is ice, snow, rubber, or FOD on the surface. Tufted steel wire cassette is available in various profiles and lengths to fit the brush core of the sweeper.

The length of SAJA® brush cassettes is optimized for the brush core of each runway sweeper and sweeper-blower manufacturer. With just the right fit, you achieve the full sweeping width for your machine.

Technical Specifications

We use steel wires only from the most recognized suppliers, to ensure the highest standards and steady quality. Steel wire is galvanized to withstand chemicals used for the runways and taxiways. Single wires have 3-dimension corrugation to prevent the wires to break in rpm’s up to 1250.

Material used in the bushings is ”thermoplastic elastomer”, in order to ensure the highest durability in most demanding weather conditions and physical stress. The bushing retains its flexibility even in very low temperatures. The material has been tested in Finland’s rough winter conditions for example in Ivalo, Enontekiö and Kittilä Airports, where the temperature can easily reach -35 degrees Celcius.

The core of the cassette is made of Polyethylene for many reasons. As the bushings, also the profile endures low temperatures down to -35 degrees, which is mandatory in Scandinavian winter conditions. Polyethylene (HDPE) provides high stiffness in combination with outstanding impact strength even at very low temperatures. Plastic core is also lighter compared with metal ones to minimize the load of the broom shaft and its bearings.

Steel Wire

  • Highest quality of microstructure and physical properties
  • High-carbon steel wire with 2-axis crimping
  • Zinc-coating
  • Diameter either 0,45 mm or 0,60 mm as per request
  • Wires per tuft 200, 240, 280, 290 pcs or anything between, as per request


  • Thermoplastic elastomer
  • Flexible even in low temperatures


  • Frost resistant Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Customised shape according to the brush core
  • Customised length according to the brush core

Features for the Best Quality

Custom Fit Length
No more cutting oversized cassettes, no more extra pieces for filling the row. The lenght of SAJA® cassette is chosen according to the length of your brush core for your convenience. 

Secured Locking Wire
No more flanges, screws, twists, glue or other tricks to fix the locking wire to the profile to keep the wires at place. Our 4 mm locking wire is inserted permanently. Feel free to try removing it. 

Weather Proof Bushings
Bushings made out of common plastic staying intact after sweeping at 1250 RPM in -35­ °C (-31 °F)? We don't think so either. We use Thermoplastic elastomer to keep the flexibility at all weathers.
Wires with High Durability
Leaving pieces of wire behind instead of cleaning the runway? Therefore we use only galvanized wires of highest quality from the most recognized suppliers with tensile strenght range more than 2350 N/mm² for best performance.


Full combatibility

SAJA® Steel Wire Cassettes fit to all runway sweepers and sweeper-blowers in the market equipped with cassette shaft, such as to


Tailored for your sweeper

Our cassettes are tailored for your sweeper. Really. It means, that the length of our cassettes are chosen according to the core length of your sweeper. Individual length of a cassette for each core model provide you full sweeping width and ease of assembling. No more extra spacers or uneven brush pattern.

Certified Quality of Manufacturing

Foundation of the quality comes from the experienced employees, who have worked with the cassettes more than 20 years. Premium raw materials and high-end production machinery ensure the steady quality and all of the processes are monitored by ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System for the constant improvement.

Available in sets or lots

For fast and accurate assembly, you can get your brushes packed in sets. One complete set of brushes for one sweeper in one box/pallet makes the assembly fast and error-proof. If you use the same brush size in several sweepers, you may also get your brushes in lots. Our packages are marked well for easy identification.

Proper way of packing

Where to ship, how and where to be stored and local weather conditions define the way of proper packing. In every circumstance the brushes must remain in good condition.

Wooden pallet

Strong wooden pallets enforced with metal strapping band and covered with plastic stretch film.

Wooden box

Rigid wooden boxes can be stored on top of each other.

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