Oil Recovery Brushes

for Cleaner Nature

Fighting back for nature

Nature is at stake, as oil spills and leaks threaten the vulnerable marine life, bird life and nature. In worst case scenario oil spill reaches shoreline. Oil recovery at open water and rehabilitation of oil contaminated sites on shorelines rely on environment authorities, rescue services, nature conservation and volunteer organizations. Where oil spills occur on the open sea or on the shore area the spread of oil can be prevented by the use of barriers and then the oil has to be collected by oil collection vessels or skimmers equipped with brushes.

Brushed-up expertise

We have manufactured and designed brushes for oil recovery since 1980's. Our product range covers brushes for all kind of devices from small skimmers to large equipment in multipurpose vessels. We are working in close cooperation with Finnish environment authorities, oil recovery professionals and scientists by giving our contribution to develop more efficient results in oil recovery.

Comprehensive know-how

Our comprehensive know-how includes not only the best brush productions techniques but also deeper understanding of different filament materials and their functionality with different oil types and working conditions.