SAJA® Innovations

At the forefront of development

Sajakorpi Oy is always known for its innovativeness. Our strong and decisive product development is reflected in several national and global patents and design protections granted to our products and manufacturing methods. Here are some of them.

First set for Manual Oil Recovery

In 2015 Sajakorpi Oy started to develop proper tools for the responsibles cleaning the oil-stained shorelines after oil spill. Patent for the world's first complete system for manual oil recovery was applied in year 2016.

World's first full plastic Brush Rings

In 1996, Sajakorpi Oy announced the development of a brush ring made of 100% polypropylene. The world's first full plastic and therefore environmentally friendly and recyclable brush ring proved to be not only cheaper but also technically superior to the traditional, metal-framed brush ring. The new generation of brush rings, Beeline®, Sunline™ and Starline™ were immediately incorporated into several new sweeping machines as original parts in Finland, as well as Sweden and Germany. Today, we manufacture over one million brush rings a year. 

Plastic element for Ski Jumping Hills

One successful product development project was the development of plastic coating for ski jumping hills in 1975. The project was undertaken by a request which was received from the Finnish Ski Association. Later Sajakorpi Oy developed the Saja Safety™ element, which was been granted a worldwide patent. Thanks to this a market share of 60% was achieved in plastic covers for ski jump hills. Several dozen plastic covers for hills were produced to the USA, Canada and Japan as well, including the Olympic hills in Calgary, Salt Lake City and Lake Placid.

Filament melting for Brush Rings

In the production of street sweeping brooms, Sajakorpi Oy was the very first to discover the technique of melting polypropylene filaments together. A national patent for this innovation was applied in 1975 and granted in 1981. This method is still used widely all over the world in brush ring manufacturing.

Piassava hand broom to replace birch twig broom

In 1955, inventive Paulus Sajakorpi developed a piassava hand broom, which, due to its technical superiority, replaced rapidly birch twig hand brooms in Finland. A patent was sought for the invention. Sajakorpi Oy had a dominant market share of 15 years in the manufacture of piassava hand brooms. In 1975, their production was stopped. The same broom model is still in use in Finland today, but made by other brush manufacturers.